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The Celtics Soccer Club is committed to all levels of program development and competition, from local travel to elite First XI teams, but the focused curriculum and culture are the same. Technical fundamentals of soccer are important, as is caring about the development of every player. Every year, our parents report that the club's greatest strength is caring about every player and creating an environment in which players can grow in confidence and improve their game.

The club began in 2008 to give girls the opportunity to play club soccer in a social environment extending to each player’s family. This inaugural girls team chose their uniform color and design and were coached and trained by a parent who came out of retirement, having previously coached travel soccer for several years.

Celtics, and the families involved, firmly believe in the vision and culture which translates into the positive educational development of our players. Each year the Celtics have added teams and families who desire a similar experience and quality training. Team names are pre-Roman English Celtic tribal names to differentiate the teams, hence such team names as Cornovii, Decantae, Votadini, Coriondi and others. Celtic players are constantly reminded of the club motto ‘Conatu et Constantia’ which is an extension of the culture and, translated from Latin to English, means ‘with effort and determination’. Our training focus is heavily weighted to the fundamentals of soccer.

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