About Us

Located in the heart of downtown La Grange, our diners can expect urban flavors and décor matched with a beautiful rooftop dining space.

fourteensixteen Executive Chef Bret Bohning leads up the scratch-made menu sourcing a majority of the ingredients within 300 miles of the restaurant.

“We’ve created an incredible culinary experience through our menu with emphasis on locality.” Chef Bret Bohning remarks.

The beverage menu offers handmade and well thought out cocktail elements beyond the traditional offerings using multi-dimensional flavor, textural contrasts and compliments. Leading up the infusion creations, General Manager Nikola Simic comments, “Our intention is to offer the highest quality of recognizable and seasonally tuned beverages with an edge of uniqueness pointed at locality, where possible, sustainability, and responsibility with regard to sourcing and production.”
The restaurant is set in a 130-year-old building featuring a 100-seat dining room, bar area and an impressive 60-seat dining and lounge rooftop terrace. A private room, on the restaurant’s second level, is available for special events for up to 20 guests along with various semi-private spaces with space for up to 150 people.

The décor is industrial yet tasteful from the rustic mosaic mirrors to the antique water gage light fixtures and contemporary garage doors for when the La Grange weather is just right.


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La Grange photography © Bob Briskey