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Club Pilates offers group reformer classes using a modern approach to classical methods. We offer classes in various formats and levels to accommodate everyone seeking to learn Pilates and hone their fitness expertise.

Whether you're young or old, no matter if you're mostly sedentary or an active athlete, there's a Club Pilates workout for everybody. As you gain core strength, better flexibility, and enhanced mind-body connection and coordination, you'll feel the benefits ripple through your daily experience. A balanced life, with sustained energy through your whole day and feeling more capable within your own body - what could be more empowering? This is why Pilates is the path to a more satisfying life.

As Joseph Pilates said, "You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions". Club Pilates is so proud to be a part of the revolution that Joseph started, and to bring Pilates to as many people who can benefit from it as possible!

Our beautiful state-of-the-art facilities include BalancedBody® Reformers, Bosu® balls, barre, EXO-Chairs, TRX® Training apparatus, jumpboards, springboards, and private training!

Pilates is an amazing way to achieve proper alignment and body balance. It's a workout method that addresses the entirety of the muscular system with equal attention to the joint and skeletal systems.

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  • Offer Reformer based Pilates classes, using a modern approach to classical methods
  • Beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities utlizing BalancedBody® Reformers and other Pilates equipment
  • Fun, motivating group Reformer Pilates classes in a variety of levels & formats,as well as private training
  • Pilates is an amazing way to achieve proper alignment and body balance.


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